Welcome to my Design Journal! My letter of Love.

I seen this clip in a magazine and I had to clip it out and frame it! Something about it reminded me of myself……I’ve always got so much on my mind! This year has started a lot of new first for me.  Largely I’ve left the corporate world and I’ve started my own interior design company and design journal! Not only am I a design entrepreneur but I am a wife, friend, daughter, sister, mother of a dog and a kitty, all things health food cook, gym rat, cycle and yoga enthusiast, swimmer, shopper, all things summer lover and so so much more. My experiences in life and in my career and schooling have all lead me to this point in my life.  I have my B.A. in Communications, an Associates in Interior Design, and Kitchen and Bath certificate.  I feel that I am well rounded and I can help in many ways.  Designer, marriage counselor, lol for real sometimes I am the mediator between couples.  But that’s what a good designer does, they listen and find the best possible solution for both people.  After all, you both live in the house don’t you? Well I like to think I’m a good listener and there for you! 🙂  I am always looking for something new, and my brain is so full of fun useful (and sometimes useless) ideas!  Large companies and small businesses alike have taught me to be who I am today. I have been told what to do for so many years working for other people, that I am so happy to be on my own! To start sharing myself and who I am with the world!

I love interior design, decorating, home staging, accessorizing, shopping and people!  I love working with people.  Without you, I would not have the fulfillment of design and decorating, and helping you to create the home you’ve always wanted. I love all kinds of design, traditional, modern, country cottage, whatever style you call yourself, I love designing for you.  I would consider myself eclectic, but I can design how you like to decorate. I design for you!  There are so many people out there that want help decorating their home, but have no idea where to go or think that hiring a designer is completely out of their reach.  I am here to help you!  I am reasonable, flexible and understanding.  I will listen to you and give you exactly what you are looking for.  I will search for hours if necessary for the perfect lamps to complete your bedroom, or that perfect fabric to compliment your existing sofa!  I am detailed, sometimes to a fault, but you can guarantee that I will have thought of every possible solution for you and chosen the best option before I present my plan.  I love what I do and I know you will too!

So, I will be adding my thoughts to my journal, giving you tips, and DIY ideas from the design world, keeping you abreast on current trends when I can.  I’ll be your designer and friend!  Please feel free to comment, ask questions and share my ideas with your friends and family because I consider you one of mine!  Thank you and I hope we talk soon!


Andrea Dolson

Andrea Dolson

My name is Andrea Dolson. I am an independent interior designer, decorator and home stager, working out of Traverse City, Michigan. This is my design journal, where you will find my blogs and videos with tips and great DIY concepts and sometimes my random ramblings on everything in the design world. I hope you find it interesting! Check back periodically for new posts.