Love seat vs. settee

Do you know the difference between a love seat and a settee?  I feel like sometimes the furniture industry just creates different names for pieces just to confuse us.  Really the difference is small and rooted in history. But mostly it comes down to size.  A love seat is about 65 to 70 inches wide.  Generally it’s used in a living room setting in combination with a sofa, or in smaller rooms as the main seating.  It can be used in larger bedrooms or any room you feel you could use seating for two! It all depends on the size of your room.  Anything smaller becomes a settee or in some cases even a chair and a half! A settee can range from 48 inches to 68 inches.  It can be used in kitchens as bench seating at the table, in entryways and mud rooms as a place to take your shoes on and off, your bedroom and sometimes the bathroom if the size is right! Generally settees are smaller and they tend to be more petite. When you think of a settee think small with taller exposed legs as shown above.  They can be traditional or modern, but they really come in all shapes and sizes!

So next time your at the store and your not sure if it’s a love seat or a settee, just ask yourself if you like it! The scale, proportion and functionality of something is all that really matters when your shopping furniture.  If you like it, buy it! If your not sure, then call me, your designer!  I’m here to help!

Andrea Dolson

My name is Andrea Dolson. I am an independent interior designer, decorator and home stager, working out of Traverse City, Michigan. This is my design journal, where you will find my blogs and videos with tips and great DIY concepts and sometimes my random ramblings on everything in the design world. I hope you find it interesting! Check back periodically for new posts.