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How to decorate a designer bowl

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Spring Painting Face Lift! Tips for choosing the right paint for your home

Spring is here!!  Are you getting the itch to redecorate your home?  I am!!!  Painting is really the easiest and best way to give your room a face lift without a redo.  And I love to paint!  Just ask my husband, he thinks I’m crazy because I’ve painted every room in our home at least […]

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Anatomy of a Decorated Fireplace Mantel

Do you have a fireplace mantel that needs a purpose?  A mantel can be the perfect opportunity to add a focal point to your room. If done correctly, it can be the perfect pop your room needs.  But if done incorrectly, it can do your room a disservice.  There is a simple way to decorate […]

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Psychology of Color. What’s in a color?

The world is full of color, our environment is full of color and we are affected daily with the colors that are around us.  The psychology of color has been studied for many years and it’s effects on us physically and mentally.  I want to talk a little about what mood colors can create in […]

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Love seat vs. settee

Do you know the difference between a love seat and a settee?  I feel like sometimes the furniture industry just creates different names for pieces just to confuse us.  Really the difference is small and rooted in history. But mostly it comes down to size.  A love seat is about 65 to 70 inches wide. […]

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Welcome to my Design Journal! My letter of Love.

I seen this clip in a magazine and I had to clip it out and frame it! Something about it reminded me of myself……I’ve always got so much on my mind! This year has started a lot of new first for me.  Largely I’ve left the corporate world and I’ve started my own interior design […]

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